East Direction – Awaken Your Spirit


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  • Learn how to stimulate the flow of your kundalini energy with breath and an ancient chant
  • Step into the East Direction – Spirit – and dream courageously to create the life you want – not only for yourself but for others
  • Learn about the Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor
  • Learn about your 4th Chakra and the ancient practice of the Ho’oponono prayer, the practice of forgiveness
  • Vocal Toning & Your 4th Chakra
  • Find Yourself in the Hero’s Journey
  • Track your Spirit TimeLine
  • Journey to the North Star to meet with an Avatar, an enlightened being, to open up to Love and to be reminded that we are Carriers of Light – In Class
  • Create a North Star intention for your Spiritual life

What you’ll receive in This Course Level

  • Live Sessions in Community with Dr. Paula Petry
  • Reflective Expressive Arts Practices
  • PDF Teaching Documents
  • MP3 Files to Supplement Lessons
  • Questionnaires to Track Your Progress


About Paula

Dr. Paula Petry brings her compassion, empathy, and inner knowing into every communication, generating an extraordinary learning experience for participants. She has a doctoral degree in Teaching & Learning, is a certified Light Body Practitioner with training in Jungian Dream Analysis, Sound Healing, Psych-K, and archetypal forms of energy. Evaluation results consistently show decreased stress and anxiety and increased levels of joy.