Let’s begin with learning about each one of you. When you introduce yourself, please share your name, your favorite (something), and what you would like to get out of Mindshop.

Now let’s go back around with a question that will be asked each class. What is your current level of stress/anxiety? Where do you feel it in your body? What is your source(s) of stress? What is your level of Joyfulness?

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Week One

Mindshop gives you many tools to reduce your stress, anxiety, depression, and feelings of loneliness. They all support the primary goal of Mindshop, to help you feed the Good Wolf within you. Here is a short video that explains what we mean.

We Feed Our Good Wolf With:

  •   Positive Thoughts
  •   Thankfulness
  •   Faith that things will work out
  •   Forgive others for any harm they have done to you
  •   Stay in the present moment

It has been said that up to 80% of our thoughts are either fairly useless or down-right destructive. We are becoming more aware of the power of our thoughts and the importance of staying focused on the NOW versus the past (regrets) or future (worry). It is in the NOW that all the important action is taking place. When we miss the present, we are missing out on life itself.

To increase our ability to stay present, we relax the mind which has the side benefit of relaxing our body, allowing it to rejuvenate. Simple breathing techniques create this desired inner stillness. It has become so popular to be considered a Superpower. Let’s take a listen to see why.

So now that we have learned a little bit about mindfulness, let’s practice a simple breathing technique to get us started. You can begin by sitting comfortably in your chair or on the floor. Cross your legs if that is comfortable for you. Keep your back straight but not rigid. Tilt your hips just a little bit forward.

Breathe in through your nose to the count of 3. Breathe out slowly through your mouth to the count of 5. Your mind’s attention is only on your breath. I will count for the first several rounds and then you continue on your own. We will do this for 3 minutes.

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Quiet Your Mind with Your Breath

Now just notice how your body feels. Do you feel any sensations in your body? Do you feel more relaxed? Remember this is a simple technique you can do whenever you feel uptight, stressed, worried, or even angry.

You feel better with Breath Work because this is what is happening in your mind and body:

  • Oxygenates the brain
  • Removes carbon dioxide, increasing the quality of one’s blood
  • Increases clarity of thought
  • Increases muscle strength
  • Changes the heart rate, brain waves and state of awareness

Mindfulness Apps

Many teenagers and young adults are using apps to support their mindfulness meditations and breathwork. Two of the apps most used are:

Headspace App Logo

Move to Learn & Grow

Moved to Learn & Grow is a dance movement technique that is based on a whole lot of science. You will practice Move to Learn & Grow each class and are encouraged to practice it on your own. It is easy, fun, and effective.

The Science Behind Move to Learn & Grow

There is a field of study called neuroscience. It conducts research on how our nervous system is structured, how it develops, how it can go wrong, and how it can be changed. It has shown is more than anything else that we can be rewired, our brain is more elastic than we ever thought possible.

As neuroscientists make their discoveries about our nervous system, other fields of study are using this information to develop helpful tools and techniques to improve our brain function and overall wellbeing. One example is the science of energy medicine, which is incorporated into Move to Learn & Grow and is described further down below.