Welcome to Awaken Your Inner Compass and At Long Last Seize Your Courage!

Due to our rigorous evaluation, we can confidently state that by course end, you will experience less stress, anxiety, and depression. You will experience a significant shift in your inner landscape, feeling more confident, self-accepting, and attuned to your inner guidance system.

What you’ll receive in this course:

Four 50 – Minute Live Course Sessions in Community with Dr. Paula Petry

These dynamic lLve group sessions are at the heart of the course. You will receive Dr. Paula’s teachings, authentically share, come into a relaxed stillness, and experience powerful guided shamanic journeys.  

Personal growth is magnified in community, according to research studies. In these safe and protected environments, others serve as mirrors; you suddenly find yourself in the other person’s story. As you experience compassion and understanding for ‘other’ – you have the opportunity to experience the same for yourself. Deep healing occurs instantaneously.

A ZOOM link is provided in advance of the first Live session.

Reflective Expressive Arts Practices

Expressive arts practices are awakening by nature and for this reason woven throughout the course. This free expressive art form gives one’s internal process physical form. This expression of one’s inner landscape in and of itself creates a higher-level understanding of oneself, as it overrides linear thinking, sparking the imagination and giving way to new expression. In these moments, you uncover aspects of self that had not been seen before; you awaken to that aspect of self.

PDF Teaching Documents for Each Lesson

Teaching documents give you access to new learning about the medicine wheel’s history, meaning, and applicability to your own life. Other content areas that are described in detail and in printable PDF format include: chakra system, auric field, shamanic practices, archetypes, Enneagram soul profiles, and a comprehensive list of resources for going forward.

MP3 Files to Supplement the Lessons

Downloadable MP3 files are provided to support your self-exploration. They include Sacred Garden journey, Tree Meditation, Meet Your Supernatural Ally, Drumming to Create Your Own Journey, How Toning Works to Create Wellbeing, and Practice Toning Each Chakra. Having them to revisit has been found to be helpful. These materials have been integrated into each week’s course content.

Tracking Your Progress

Participants in my courses, retreats, and workshops, consistently report less fear, anxiety, and depression and an increase in inner peace and joy. Not only in their testimonials but through rigorous evaluation using a validated instrument.

Completing this Questionnaire along with the Medical Symptoms Questionnaire are strongly recommended. By doing so, you are both tracking your own progress while contributing to the scientific inquiry on the impact of energy medicine-based content and instruction.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the course developer and instructor, Paula Petry, PhD, paula@paulapetry.com.

Your Course Content & Supplies

Below is a description of your course content, organized by each lesson. This is followed by a list of necessary supplies.

Introductory Level

The Introductory content is available to all Levels. It is the foundation upon which all the other content areas are built. It is essential to complete the Introductory Level before any other.

  • Learn about the history and healing power of the Native American Medicine Wheel & its 7 Directions
  • Learn about your subtle energy field and why it is important 
  • Learn how to clear your subtle energy field with sound vibration 
  • Learn how to create sacred space and clear heavy energies from your environments

Level One – South Direction

In the South Direction, you expand your courage as you step into the ancient teachings of the Native American Medicine Wheel. You work with serpent energy to heal your Root chakra, removing family imprints and negative thought and behavioral patterns. You learn and practice Vocal Toning and ways to create safe and sacred environments.

  • Step into the South Direction – Physical
  • Learn about Toning & your Root Chakra
  • Track your physical and environmental Timeline to release blockages, family imprints, and limiting cyclical behavioral patterns
  • Learn how to step out of ordinary time and space through the power of imagination and intention
  • Reset your fight flight or freeze response with a sacred shamanic journey
  • Create a North Star (future goal) intention for your Physical body

Level Two – West Direction

In the West Direction, you expand your courage as you work with Jaguar energy to heal your Second Chakra, releasing toxic energy and restoring your emotional well-being. Learn about archetypal energies and discover the ones most active within you. Learn and practice engaging these energies to work for you. Journey to meet your Spirit animal as a lifetime ally.

  • Experience how the Breath of Fire enhances your well-being
  • Step into the West Direction – Emotion
  • Learn about Toning & your 2nd Chakra
  • Track your personal Emotion Timeline
  • Experience how to track emotions and feelings in the body and release stuck energies
  • Identify your personal 8 primary archetypes and engage them to work FOR you 
  • Journey into the Lower World to meet your spirit animal as a lifetime ally
  • Create a North Star (future goal) intention for your Emotional body

Level Three – North

In the North Direction, you expand your courage as you work with Hummingbird energy, discovering the nectar that is yours to source from. Discover the power of your Mind as you direct energy to heal self and others. The Enneagram Quiz unlocks your Soul Type, giving you access to key soul-level imprints.

  • The power of Breath to awaken your intuitive abilities
  • Step into the North Direction – Soul/Mind
  • Learn about Toning & your Third Chakra
  • Discover the nectar that is yours to source from
  • Learn how to direct your thoughts for the healing of others
  • Learn how to interpret your soul profile, your Enneagram
  • Discover how your Enneagram has shaped your life and integrate those core attributes into your awareness and onto your Timeline
  • Journey into the Upper Realm to a crystalline city to be bathed in loving energy to renew and restore
  • Create a North Star intention for your Mind

Level Four – Eagle Condor, Mother Earth & Father Sky

In the East Direction, you expand your courage as you work with not only Eagle, but also Mother Earth, and Father Sky to reclaim your truth and gain access to your Inner Compass. An Upper World Journey to retrieve critical information that informs your continued growth and expansion.

  • Learn to stimulate the flow of your kundalini energy with breath and an ancient chant
  • Step into the East Direction – Spirit – and dream courageously to create the life you want – not only for yourself but for others
  • Learn about Toning & your 4th, 5th and 6th Chakras
  • Track your Spiritual life on your Timeline
  • Journey into the Upper Realm to meet your elders to consult about your new North Star – your soul’s journey forward
  • Learn about Toning & your Throat Chakra
  • Journey to meet the 7 Earth Grandmothers who will assist you in manifesting your New North Star
  • Connect with your Awakened Self in the center of your Medicine Wheel

Materials Needed:

  • 2 Poster boards or butcher block paper
  • Markers